How Does Coffee Affect Your Mouth: The Daily Grind
November 08, 2016  |  Oral Health Care

How Does Coffee Affect Your Mouth: The Daily Grind

Did you know that coffee can affect your mouth? Whether it’s part of your morning ritual or just a casual treat, coffee is a notorious cause of teeth stain.. There are other ways it affects your teeth too. Here is what your cup o’ joe may be up to:

Coffee Stains on your teeth.

Staining is the most obvious impact of your favorite morning brew. Your tooth enamel is very porous, so dark colored foods and drinks can penetrate it and cause stains. You can help eliminate some surface stains by visiting your dentist for regular cleanings.

Cause of enamel erosion.

Coffee is very acidic, and that can cause erosion of your enamel over time. To help minimize the effect, try to limit direct contact by using a straw and not sloshing it around your mouth. Also, rinse your mouth with water after finishing your coffee. Make sure to wait one hour to brush your teeth after eating or drinking something acidic, because your enamel will be especially vulnerable and your could cause damage.

Leads to bad breath.

Another side effect of drinking coffee can be bad breath. This happens because the caffeine in it can dry out your saliva in your mouth. Without saliva, bacteria can quickly grow in the mouth and can cause bad breath. One solution to that lingering coffee-breath is to chew sugar free gum. This will stimulate your saliva flow and freshen things up. We don’t like you to spend a lot of time chewing the gum as this can be hard on your jaw joints. Do not use sugared gums as this can cause decay.

Destroying plaque bacteria.

Here’s a good affect on your mouth! According to a study, coffee high in caffeine may actually help destroy the bacteria that causes dental plaque. However, this can be cancelled out if you add sugar or creamer. That’s a good reason to drink your cup o’ joe black next time!

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